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Sunday, April 16, 2006.

Kazaa Gold v. 2.6 and Kazaa Gold Premium v.

Features of Kazaa Gold Premium

-Instant access to free unlimited music downloads.
-Instant access to free unlimited movie downloads.
-Instant access to free software, games, pics, and more.
-Fastest download available on the internet.
-Live technical support 7 days a week.
-CD ripping software for converting CD's into MP3's.
-Instant access to the Kazaa Gold lyrics database.
-DVD ripping and recording software.
-No bitrate limits. Highest quality MP3's available.
-100% private and anonymus searching.
-No adware, pop-ups, or spyware.
-Full time "1000" participation rating.
-Tools for viewing partial and incomplete downloads.
-100% more search results than other programs.

These are rare files that are scams. They work perfectly with the reg key, though. I didn't buy these things - I got them somewhere...

Kazaa Gold is simply a Kazaa Lite 1.7.2 rip-off, along with an ad-blocker, a 'download accelerator', and a miniature anti-virus application stolen from Kaspersky. You still need the reg key for this to work, though.

Kazaa Gold Premium is somewhat newer than KG, but still incorporates the same sh*t that KG had. I tried them, and they aren't too bad, and I'm a guy who likes Kazaa Lite ... it's somewhat lost now in the Internet.

Install the programs, then close them, and then double-click on the registry key and add it to your registry. Then these file-sharing applications all just fall into place.

Something recently spammed e-mail me with Kazaa Gold Premium, so I think it's still commercially sold.

Both are totally without spyware. Totally. Thus, rest assured of a spyware-free computer. (Unless your computer already has spyware)

You can try the ad-blocker ...

Kazaa Gold v. 2.6 (3.26 Mb)

Kazaa Gold Premium v. (8.59 Mb)

*.reg key for both executables (16 Kb)

Anyway, if the link doesn't work for you, here are alternate mirrors:

Mirrors for the *.reg key for the KG and KGP(non-rarred)



And for further help and instructions, the last link really helps:

The link also provide other links to even deeper problems. Even with SP2 and firewall, I tested both executables, and they both work.

Anyway, on this link,

added mirror for reg key (thanks warezbb)

to download the registry key, right-click on the snode2.reg, and for Mozilla Firefox, save link as, then OK, and for IE, save target as..., and then OK.

Price: $39.95

PeerGuardian 2 is Methlabs' premier IP blocker for Windows. With features like support for multiple lists, a list editor, automatic updates, and blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), PeerGuardian 2 is the safest and easiest way to protect your privacy on P2P. Plus, by integrating with Blocklist.org, lists are built custom just for you.PeerGuardian 2 is Open Source, meaning the program code is available online for anyone who wants it. Not only does this allow you to make modifications or even branch off into your own project, but it encourages peer review of the code making sure any bugs are eliminated swiftly. Because PeerGuardian 2 is Open Source, you can rest assured there are no backdoors or spyware included.


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