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Thursday, May 18, 2006.

[appz] Style Writer V3.92

Style Writer is the best word processing add-on on the market. It teaches you to write in the style of top authors and journalists by checking every document for thousands of style and English usage faults. Ten times more powerful than any other writing aid, StyleWriter improves your writing style instantly.

Who needs StyleWriter?

Everyone. Most people mistakenly believe they are good writers. Research has shown:

  • Managers claim that 80 percent of their employees lack good writing skills.
  • Employees claim managers are poor writers, set bad examples and offer little guidance to improve their documents.
  • Whole professions, lawyers, government officials, social scientists, computer technicians have reputations for bad writing and poor communication.

Analysis by documents produced by government agencies and businesses found that 95 percent of people poor writing skills. But when people were asked if they had good writing and communications skills, everyone claimed they did. So StyleWriter is for anyone who writes:

  • Advertisers for better ads, leaflets and press releases.
  • Editors who want to use software to develop a house style.
  • Journalists to check and polish their writing style.
  • Judges for legal briefs to be just that - brief.
  • Lawyers trying to break centuries of bad writing habits.
  • Scientists who want to write clearly about complex issues.
  • Social Scientists who want to sound human.
  • Students wanting to get A-Grade essays.
  • Technical Authors for shorter, readable documentation.
  • You, if you want to learn the secrets of clear, direct language.

If you use a word processor, StyleWriter offers you better quality documents.

“StyleWriter has the chance to break habits most writers are not aware they had. Anyone smug enough to think they have no writing problems should remember the old saying "Most writers only have two writing problems: first they don't know how to write; second they think they do." - Good Software Guide


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