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Wednesday, May 03, 2006.

Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition v10.0.606.0 retail

Your organization has spent thousands of dollars on powerful workstations for your power users. Not only does Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition keep them running at top speed, but it actually gives these systems improved performance above defragmentation alone, for your user’s most important tasks. How is that possible? The answer lies with new breakthrough I-FAAST™ technology, exclusive to Diskeeper 10.
Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) improves
file access and creation by up to 80% (average 10%-20%). Using specially-engineered benchmarks Diskeeper learns disk performance characteristics, and then transparently monitors volumes over time for file access frequency applying proprietary techniques to prevent Diskeeper from being "fooled" by files that have been recently accessed. During special I-FAAST defragmentation jobs, Diskeeper organizes the most commonly used files and applications to increase file access performance. Like other intelligent technologies featured in Diskeeper 10, I-FAAST can automatically adapt to changing usage patterns—so there's no need to reconfigure if the system is transferred to another user.

Intelligent technologies for custom-tailored defragmentation
I-FAAST works in conjunction with other intelligent Diskeeper features, including SmartScheduling™ and I/O Smart™ to determine the best way to keep each individual system running at the best possible levels of speed and reliability without interrupting the user's normal workflow. With Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition, all you do is "Set It and Forget It"! see the benefits and improvements for yourself!


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