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Wednesday, May 17, 2006.

[mp3m] The Black Crowes - The Band Album (unreleased studio recording)

Here it is, one of the missing black crowes albums. if you're a black crowes fan and haven't heard this, get it while you can. 'tis a great album, not quite up to par with their released albums, but nonetheless, there are some great tracks. "Another Roadside Tragedy", "Paint An 8", and the girl-from-a-pawnshop reminicent "Wyoming & Me" are must listens, but the whole album sounds really good.

this was supposed to be released, but 'By Your Side' came out instead. a welcome addition into any crowe's fan's collection, like i said, it's an unreleased studio album, not some live/barely-audible-but-for-artistic-archival-purpose recording.


[thanx moloch@muchmusicnet]

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