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Tuesday, May 09, 2006.


Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) was a British progressive rock group. In the 1970s, they were extremely popular, selling over 30 million albums and headlining huge concerts.

The trio consisted of:
Keith Emerson (born November 2, 1944) - keyboards
Greg Lake (born November 10, 1947) guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Carl Palmer (born March 20, 1950) drums, percussion
They were an early "supergroup", with Emerson coming from The Nice, Lake from King Crimson and Palmer from Atomic Rooster.

Recorded: July 1972
Chart Peak: #5
Weeks Charted: 37
Certified Gold: 9/5/72

Trilogy is the third studio album by British progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, originally released in 1972. The interior of the original gatefold sleeve features a photomontage showing multiple images of the band in a forest carpeted with autumn leaves.

The band had already released two very carefully performed studio albums, Emerson, Lake and Palmer (1970) and Tarkus (1971), the former being dominated by virtuoso keyboards and drumming; the latter being as bombastic as it was ambitious. Trilogy, their third studio album, presented a recession from the pretentious attitude of their first two albums. The 9 tracks have each been carefully conceived, arranged and performed, as in the style of the symmetrical classical era.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer's new one, Trilogy, is easily the best they have done. Which means that it's serious, snotty-rock playing of a competence most bands can't begin to achieve. Keith Emerson plays Hammond organ, Steinway, something called the Zoukra and two varieties of Moog; Greg Lake handles numerous guitar chores and sings; Carl Palmer is a rock-percussion genius. The major things here are two suites, "The Endless Enigma" -- really in three parts, the second of which is a piano fugue -- and the "Trilogy" of the title, whose third part comes on strong with a latino beat and Bach lines. Emerson, as is his wont, nods to the big boys with a selection from Aaron Copeland's "Rodeo." There is a great power in everything played here, as well as that rarest of rock commodities, taste -- something that E.L. & P. have worked hard to develop.
- Playboy, 11/72.

Bonus Reviews!
The reigning rulers of classicly oriented rock have sustained their creativity for yet another monumental album destined to rule the FM airways for months to come. Keith Emerson's steady progression on the moog is a joy to hear -- he is one of the few musicians capable of controlling this instrumental Pandora's box and the results are astounding. "Endless Enigma," "From the Beginning," and "The Sheriff" are strong.
- Billboard, 1972.

A major improvement over their second album (the convoluted concept album Tarkus) and the group's first success with adapting the music of Aaron Copeland ("Hoedown"), which became something of a signature of theirs. The title track is a romantic, almost torch-song number, while "The Endless Enigma" is a curious mixture of pomp and mysticism. * * *
- Bruce Eder, The All-Music Guide to Rock, 1995.

Trilogy is bold without getting boorish, featuring one of ELP's finest ballads ("From the Beginning"), a convincing fusion of rock and classical ("The Endless Enigma"), plus one of Keith Emerson's zippiest synthesizer discourses on Aaron Copeland's "Hoedown." * * * 1/2
- David Yonke, Musichound Rock: The Essential Album Guide, 1996.

Track listing:
01 "The Endless Enigma Part One" (Emerson/Lake) – 6:37
02 "Fugue" (Emerson) – 1:57
03 "The Endless Enigma Part Two" (Emerson/Lake) – 2:00
04 "From the Beginning" (Lake) – 4:14
05 "The Sheriff" (Emerson/Lake) – 3:22
06 "Hoedown" Taken from Rodeo (Copland) – 3:48
07 "Trilogy" (Emerson/Lake) – 8:54
08 "Living Sin" (Emerson/Lake/Palmer) – 3:11
09 "Abaddon's Bolero" (Emerson) 8:13

Listening! You can hear a difference! Enjoy it!


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