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Monday, June 12, 2006.

[appz] StuffIt Deluxe v9.0.1.27 Retail

StuffIt Deluxe - The Complete Compression Solution PC version

StuffIt Deluxe Edition gives you everything you need:

* StuffIt Expander - Expand compressed or encoded files (unzip)
* Create archives, compressed, and encoded files
* Browse the contents of Zip, StuffIt, StuffIt X, and Tar archives.
* Search for files located in Zip, StuffIt, and StuffIt X archives.
* Add files to existing archives
* Make backup archives that contain only files that have recently changed
* Use StuffIt Catalog to find archives
* Preview files located in an archive
* Built in FTP and Email wizards

Compress JPEG Photos and Images by up to 30%! - With its revolutionary new photo compression technology, StuffIt archives what no other compression product has been able to do – reduce the size of JPEG photos and images up to 30% with absolutely NO loss in image quality!

Virus Protection! - StuffIt now includes new ways to protect users from receiving viruses embedded in compressed archives.

Email files easily - Sending files such as digital photos to friends and family is now a snap! Just right-click on the files or folder to compress them into a single archive. Or let the new wizards help you each step of the way.

Send files that open automatically - Choose the self-extracting archive option and the email attachments you send will open automatically on any PC. No unzipping software is needed!

Corruption protection - Choose "add redundancy" when making an archive and StuffIt wraps your file with an extra layer of summary information so that it can be automatically rebuilt in the event of corruption due to transfer errors or bad media.

Privacy protection - When you use StuffIt's 512-bit encryption, only the person with the correct password can access your archives, so that sensitive data stays private.

Powerful new compression format: StuffIt X - New in version 8.0, compresses files smaller than ever before so you can email attachments that transfer quickly and don't exceed average inbox limits. Plus, you can make .sit, .sitx. zip, or even self-extracting archives that open easily on any computer.

ACCESS ANYTHING - StuffIt makes it simple to access email attachments and downloads that were compressed on any platform, including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. Plus, now you can use new drag and drop tools to open or view the contents of Zip, StuffIt, Tape, or other archives instantly.

* SEA Builder: Make custom self-extracting archives and
- Display instructions to your recipient
- Specify expansion path
- Run commands or batch files when archive contents are extracted
- Save configurations specific to each vendor or co-worker

* StuffIt Express PE: Point and Click scripting tool for easy automation
- each drop box automates up to 26 compression and file transfer tasks
- configure drop boxes for everyone on your list
- automate distribution, including ftp upload, with a drag and drop

* StuffIt Scheduler: Automatically backup your files
- Schedule backups of your important files
- Automatically archives only those files that have changed since the last backup
- Upload your backup archives directly to an FTP server

* StuffIt DiskIndex: Search CDs and DVDs even when they are not accessible from your computer
- Index CDs and DVDs
- Browse the contents of your removable disks, even when they are not in your CD drive
- Views the contents of archives on your CDs
- Search for files on any CD or DVD in your collection

* StuffIt Command Line Tools
* Integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook


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