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Sunday, April 16, 2006.


It is the dawn of the Thirtieth Century. The First Solar War has ended as chronicled in Starlancer, and the Four Houses of Humanity rule known space. Earth and the inhabitable worlds of its solar system are distant memories, mute reminders of humanity's appetite for self-destruction. Now, with the coming of the Age of Conquest, humanity has begun to focus its efforts towards expansion into the frontier worlds.

Adventure, intrigue, and opportunity beckon you, the bold traveler, in an insanely epic and fascinating science-fiction universe appropriately titled - Freelancer.

Coming in the year 2001, Freelancer promises to plunge you into a universe ruled by ruthless pirates, mercenary privateers, and fanatical missionaries. With its sophisticated 3D spaceflight system and real-time 3D character interaction, you will have complete control over buying and selling commodities, accepting missions for hire, customizing your spacecraft, or engaging in high-octane dogfights.

Freelancer - find your fate and make a fortune, or die trying.


No password required

Files are MDS/MDF. CD was ripped using Alcohol. Image file contains crack.
Parts 1-6: 95.78MB
Part 7: 51.44MB

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