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Monday, May 22, 2006.

[mp3m] Sufi Dreams (Best Sufi Music Collection)

Label: Excellent Sufi Dreams
Genre: Sufi Music / Universal Relax & Meditation
Release: 2006
Record : Urukhrai
Amazing zikr's, Must be listen.

Track list
Bana Allah'im gerek
Enstrumental Silk Road Sufi Version
Excellent Zikr Sema
Ey Allahim
La ilahe illallah
Mu'min olan zikreder
Orginal zikr assembly

What is zikr ?
Zikr, the Divine Ceremony of Remembrance plays a central role in the practice of Tasawwuf, or Sufism. This ceremony takes on many forms. From silent still mediation to whirling dances and transporting chants; from deep quiet breathing exaltations to loud drum beats; the Zikr is an attempt to connect and give thanks for that primordial Moment of creation. It is a sacred moment, a doorway into eternity, a turning toward the light. The Zikr can last anywhere from a few minutes to more than twenty four hours. It is a powerful ceremony meant to open the hearts of the seekers and transmit the Loving and Compassionate energy of the Divine Creator. The Zikr makes the world turn. Come and turn with it.

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